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Organic Fruit Juice and Marine Minerals give Youthful Skin : Vitamin C Firming Serum

Reduces sun spots, smooths skin tone and soothes irriated skin from shaving.   


Why it works: Using the After Shave Balm for Men over a period of time will make your skin look better and better, reduce sun spots, smooth your skin tone and soothe any type of irritated skin from shaving (Aloe is known to sooth irritated skin and has anti-infamatory properties).

Better yet, your skin will be so soft and smooth that your wife will be all over you and won't stop stealing your product!

Here's what After Shave Balm for Men offers:

  • Sexier Skin
  • Cures and Nourishes
  • No Greasy After-Feel
  • Helps Heal and Soothe Irritated Skin
  • Anti-Inflamatory
  • Reduces Sun Spots
  • Heals Dry, Cracked and Aching Skin

Absolutely no chemicals. No irritation.

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was $85

now $49.95
1 ounce glass jar with pump

Exfoliating Rejuvenation Serum enhances and evens Skin Tone for all Skin Types - Vitamin C Firming Serum

Samples are $5.95 ea. +S&H

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