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Foresee Your Beauty with Wholesum and Natural Skin Care

The Prophet Skincare line is the life long dream of its originator Kelly, a licensed hypertricologist with a background in beauty and skin care. She joined forces with her husband Bruce and founded Prophet Skincare, LLC. They spent years looking within the U.S.A. and abroad for just the right chemist who could help them combine high end ingredients for their skincare line. Kelly and Bruce creators and owners of Prophet Skincare

During this time Kelly's mother, Martha, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Kelly put her dream on hold and set out to learn everything she could about the disease for her mother. She found in her research that harmful chemicals in skin care products became a reverberating theme.

In Kelly's quest, guided with factual information, she shaped a new path with her mother by eliminating harmful chemicals from their lives. During this process Prophet Skincare's mission became apparent;

"To educate the public about harmful chemicals in skin care products, so people could make better choices; and to offer a skin care line that is natural and abundant in anti-aging properties".

As a result, from years of research, Kelly knew that she couldn't create products she would not confidently use herself. Prophet Skincare, LLC. now introduces their wholesome and natural skin care line...Foresee Your Beauty!


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